3032 N Squirrel


Below are the shots from yesterdays photoshoot for a team of real estate agents and a husband and wife builder/designer duo that have trusted me and watched me grow since day one. This condo was a model, so if you’re interested, just let me know because there are plenty more available 🙃. Side note, because what I do is so intertwined with real estate, I’m getting my license this fall, so please reach out the next time you decide to buy or sell! 🏡

Like I’d mentioned in my first blog post, my photography career wasn’t fully intentional but I currently shoot professionally in three different genres; portraits, events and real estate. I was actually in law school, working at a firm in Birmingham for a boss who dabbled in real estate investments. She had me taking photos of her properties and running the social media accounts for the firm and a few other ventures. I’d told one of my friends about it so when they saw an up and coming real estate brokerages Facebook post asking for referrals for a freelance photographer, I was tagged. We scheduled a meeting, I threw out a price and they accepted. Before I knew it, I was photographing multiple homes a day and taking off more and more time from the firm to do it. I was posting those listings on social media, so other agents and brokerages started reaching out and it sort of snowballed from there.

As for the quality of my work, it has improved DRASTICALLY since those days and when I look back at some of my first homes, I’m not gonna lie, I cringe a bit 😬. I’ve shot countless listings, played around with different cameras, lenses, and lighting over the past two years and finally feel like I’ve made it over the hump of “newbie”. That being said, if you’re just getting started and have any specific questions about real estate photography please feel free to leave it in the comments below 💬!

xo Tara